Day 2 Meetings

Posted: December 5, 2012 by Lamar Lester in News
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The last 24 hours have bred a lot of news and rumors. The news centered around the content of the Board of Governors meeting that took place this morning and the subsequent CBA meeting in the day.

The rumors include a variety of topics:

  • Friday being the latest a deal will get done
  • regular season schedule start dates
  • coaches contacting players to return home

Last night, Bruce Garrioch tweeted about a 56-game season with a possible start date of December 20th. Those figures were also echoed by Gary Lawless. Both hinge on a CBA being done this weekend. Friday seems to be the new ‘drop dead’ date.


Nick Kypreos seems to be the source of rumors over the last few hours as he reports coaches are giving players a heads up to get back to town. Not sure what that says about the cease and desist letter from the NHL though.


This morning, the NHL held a Board of Governors meeting to discuss the direction they would take in relation to the lockout. A week ago, many saw this meeting as the day Gary Bettman would cancel the season. That didn’t happen. However the NHLPA did send an offer, something that wasn’t necessarily expected, but was tossed around.


Day 2 of these meetings has been filled with news. Not only did the NHL counter the NHLPA’s proposal, but they’re reportedly asking for a 10-year CBA and are willing to make concessions to get it. Some thought the players would have been more interested in a longer CBA, but it is the owners lobbying for more term.


After dinner, things got weird.


Meetings restarted for the third time today at 11pm.


Restart meetings: Take 4


At 12:51am, talks ended for the day. Plan is to meet again Thursday.


Here come the leaks.


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