Tip Ins: The End Is Near

Posted: December 13, 2012 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

Soon... (Artizans)

Soon… (Artizans)

  • The roller coaster continues. Last week, the NHL said everything they’ve offered is now off the table. Though they stood by that statement yesterday, I’m still not buying it. More take it or leave it. I still think there’s gonna be a season. Sooner rather than later. (Hockey City)
  • In an interview, St. Louis Blues captain, David Backes explains the player’s position in labor talks. He also, in convincing fashion, explains why players are so opposed to 5-year terms on contracts. Looking at it from the player’s perspective, I’d be against it too. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • Here’s a legitimate argument for why the next CBA should include an amnesty buyout, something NHL owners have long been against. In the long-term, it actually benefits the owners to amnesty 1 of their bad contracts. A free mulligan? Why not. (New York Post)

  • December 11th, 1992. The day Gary Bettman was hired by the NHL. Here we are 20 years later. How will he be remembered? (Puck Daddy)
  • Miroslav Satan to Zdeno Chara: “You hit me too hard! We’re not friends anymore!” Well, that’s what happens when you skate up the ice with your head down. (NESN)
  • “The King”, Henrik Lundqvist shares his thoughts on the lockout. Sad Swede is sad. Me too, Hank. Me too. (New York Post)
  • CBC has put together an infographic showing Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr’s track records for losing games. It also shows total games lost per League(NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA). Gary Bettman is leading in all categories. What a scrub… (CBC)
  • SportsNet has a “Lockout Clock” on their website. Everyday its updated to tell you how many games have been lost, and how much money both the owners and players are losing. According to the chart, if the players had taken the NHL’s first offer, the owners would’ve saved enough money to buy 280.4 Tim Horton’s franchises. Or 58.4 2012 Bugatti Veyron sports cars. Whatever you’re into. (SportsNet)
  • There were reports last week that Ryan Miller flipped out on Boston Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs. He’s since come out saying that it didn’t go down as its being reported. He doesn’t recall “angrily venting” and “losing his temper”. He also denies Jacobs was targeted saying,”I may have been passionate but there was no disrespect or calling out one owner by name.” Man. This story was much cooler when I envisioned him flipping papers, yelling, and pointing fingers at Jeremy Jacobs. Welp. (Buffalo News)
  • EA Sports continues to keep NHL13 up-to-date by creating CHL stars; Connor McDavid(OHL), Seth Jones(WHL), and Stefan Matteau(QMJHL) in their latest roster update. In all, nearly 500 CHL players have been added to the game. (EA Sports)
  • Here, Sidney Crosby is stopped on the street and gives a 9-minute interview talking about the lockout. No, really. (YouTube: Part 1Part 2)



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