NHLPA to Vote Tomorrow on Disclaiming Interest

Posted: December 15, 2012 by Lamar Lester in News
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Tomorrow, the NHLPA will begin a vote to decide whether to give the Executive Board the authority to file a disclaimer of interest. As mentioned yesterday, if they disclaim interest, the NHLPA will be dissolved.

A disclaimer of interest is essentially the same thing as decertification. The only difference is it takes place immediately, as oppose to months and likely spelling the end of a season.

By disclaiming interesting the NHLPA and both Donald and Steve Fehr, will no longer be apart of the process. The players would then negotiate solely by themselves. In addition to representing themselves, the players would be allowed to file anti-trust lawsuits against the NHL because they would no longer have proper representation in a labor dispute.

Before any of this can happen, the union will need two-thirds of its members to vote in favor of it. Voting will begin tomorrow and end on Friday. If it passes, the NHLPA will have until January 2nd, 2013 to officially disclaim interest.

There has been no communication between the NHL and the NHLPA today, and also no meetings are planned.



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