Tip Ins: Hope You Like Sign-And-Trades

Posted: December 27, 2012 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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In the holiday spirit, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. So there will be less doom and gloom today.

Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

NBA meets NHL as sign-and-trades could become a thing. (TSN)

  • If the NHL decides to void all contracts, the Free Agent Frenzy to follow will be one for the ages. But if it does happens, there won’t just be signings. Rather, there would be both signings AND trades. Sign-and-trade, if you will. It’s a loophole poised to be exploited before a CBA is even signed. (USA Today)
  • This lockout has really put a sour taste in the mouths of many hockey fans. Some have sworn never to return. Though I don’t believe them, here are 10 suggestions for the NHL to bring back a lot of fans and appease those who stuck around. Forewarning, some of these ideas are just silly, but there are a few good ones. Free Center Ice and 3-on-3 overtime? Yes, please! (ESPN)
  • No CBA means no 2013 NHL Draft. There could potentially be bidding wars for college/CHL players who are ready to turn pro. See Justin Schultz, for example. It’s an interesting concept, but I think this will be solved long before UFAed college/CHLers becomes an issue. (Edmonton Journal)

  • Twitter has been HUGE this pass year, specifically in relation to hockey. From the Calgary Flames tweet handler tweeting from the wrong account, to the emergence of @Strombone1(Roberto Luongo’s not-so-secret account), Puck Daddy has your Top 10 Twitter Moments of 2012. (Puck Daddy)
  • EA Sports, forever keeping NHL13 accurate, have released another roster update. This time for the AHL. The most notable player added to the game was Edmonton’s rookie defenseman, Justin Schultz. Schultz comes in as one of the highest rated rookies in the game’s history. (EA Sports)
  • Puck Daddy makes another appearance. Here are your 10 greatest Jersey Fouls of 2012. The Johnny Oduya and Drew Doughty-themed jerseys take the cake for me. (Puck Daddy)
  • Blackhawks Player Embarrasses Canucks Goalie: European Edition. Patrick Kane vs. Cory Schneider. This isn’t the first time Kane has completely embarrassed a guy. (YouTube)



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