Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman apologizes for the lockout. (USA Today)

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman apologizes for the 113-day lockout. (USA Today)

  • If you didn’t know, the lockout is all but over. Yesterday the NHL Board of Governors voted unanimously in favor of ratifying the CBA agreement. Gary Bettman and Jeremy Jacobs even apologized for the lockout. (Hockey City)
  • Brian Burke got fired as the Toronto Maple Leafs general manager. He’s now the Senior Advisor to the MLSE President and C.O.O. Tom Anselmi. (Sporting News)
  • If you’re of the ilk that believes a shortened season would “ruin the playoffs” I have bad news. Last year around the 48-game mark, 15 of the 16 teams that where in the top 8 spots remained there, including every team in the East. Only 1 team previously in missed the playoffs; the Minnesota Wild. The Phoenix Coyotes took their spot. (The Hockey Writers)

  • With hockey returning from its second lockout in 8 years, you gotta believe the NHL is gonna do something to make it worth our while. Well, according to Gary Bettman, they are. He referred to them as “outreaches and campaigns” to reconnect with fans. Probably won’t be free Center Ice packages though. (Hockey City)
  • The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys made a “no one cares about hockey” joke, so the NHL’s Dallas Stars took a shot at Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys then apologized. All of this took place on Twitter and it was good. (Puck Daddy)
  • We’ve all heard the rumors. You know, the Roberto Luongo rumors. The Luongo-to-Philly ones. Yea, apparently that’s a thing now. (TSN)
  • Teams have begun apologizing to their fans for the lockout. Well, it’s something. (Pittsburgh Penguins / Carolina Hurricanes / St. Louis Blues)
  • So. Who gets credit for ending the lockout? The owners? No. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman? No. The players? No. NHLPA Director Donald Fehr? No. The fans? No. Deputy Director at the United States Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Scot L. Beckenbaugh? Yes. (The Globe and Mail)

Detailed Breakdowns of CBA Stuff

  • Trading in the new CBA is a bit different from what it was in the last CBA. Now when you trade someone with a contract of more than 6 years, the team that signed said player could be on the hook for his contract even if he retires before it expires. (ESPN)
  • Here’s a breakdown of the new CBA with salary cap and revenue projections as well as contract variance breakdowns and an idea of how pensions will work. (The Globe and Mail)
  • Details on how the salary cap with work this year in comparison to next year, the draft lottery system, and more. (ESPN)



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