Tip Ins: Division Names, Hypocritical Rules, and the End of Datsyuk?

Posted: March 16, 2013 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

Divisions A-D??Laaaaame! (Yahoo! Sports)

Divisions A-D?? Laaaaame! (Yahoo! Sports)

  • With realignment being done, it leaves questions to be asked. No, not questions about how the wild cards will work. But more important question like, what are the names of the 4 divisions gonna be? Should they go old school and bring back the Patrick, Adams, Norris, and Smythe division names? Gary Bettman says the names might be based on geography. If it is, Gary Bettman is lame. (SB Nation)
  • Mandatory visors? Okay, I get it. Instigator rule? Don’t like it, but I understand. Instigating with a visor rule? Okay, this is just ridiculous. The instigator rule in itself is a joke. So because you want to make visors mandatory, you come up with a stupid rule? Is this supposed to deter people from fighting? Cause its not working. The Ottawa Senators have been busted twice for this silly rule. (SenShot)
  • Terrible rumor out of Detroit. Sounds like once Pavel Datsyuk’s contract is up, he’s heading home. To Mother Russia. Say it ain’t so, Pasha!! (Kukla’s Korner)

  • As you may of heard, there’s an arena being built in Seattle, Washington. Some pictures/video has been released on how the arena would look with a hockey rink in it. Isn’t that tempting, Gary Bettman? You know you want to. (Puck Daddy)
  • Oliver Ekman-Larsson has re-signed with the Phoenix Coyotes for 6 years. (Phoenix Coyotes)
  • Does size matter… when it comes to scoring… points in the NHL? Bigger players vs. small players. Who scores more? (Dobber Sports)
  • Speaking of expansion, this whole 8 teams in two divisions, 7 teams in the other thing can’t be a long-term, could it? Expansion is calling… (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • VIDEO: As a pro wrestling fan, this next one warms my heart. Every team has something they give to the guy voted “Player of the Game”. Whether it’s a shovel, a lunchbox, a hard hat, or whatever. The Phoenix Coyotes have stepped it up. They give out a championship belt. Bow before thee. (Phoenix Coyotes)
  • VIDEO: Player’s Safety; Accidental Collisions. (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: I’m sure you’ve heard of the crazy shootout move Ottawa Senator Kaspars Daugavins tried to use on Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask. Its worked in the AHL. Not so much in the NHL. Almost though.  (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: The Luongo vs. Schneider goalie controversy has reach a new level. A friendlier level. Best Friends For Life. (YouTube)


  1. digifx says:

    As far as the extra penalty for instigating without a visor, If the player removes his helmet prior to the fight, there is no penalty. Understanding that detail, there really is nothing wrong with the rule.

    • Lamar Lester says:

      Yea, like I was saying, I understand the instigator rule. It certainly serves a purpose. But how often is the penalty actually assessed? Rarely, no?

      In addition to that, to your point, yes if you drop your buckets before the fight, there’s no penalty. Some players have been known for taking off their helmets before a fight, but this was long before the visor rule. Even in the cases this season where guys took off the helmet, I think the extra 2 PIMS was far from their mind in doing so.

      Thanks for your feedback. Always appreciated.

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