Looking Ahead: Second Round Matchups

Posted: May 14, 2013 by Lamar Lester in News, Playoffs
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NHL 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs is over. 16 teams entered, but only 8 could moved on. The second round kicks off tonight. So, who survived the first round and who’s playing who?

In the East

(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (7) Ottawa Senators
Season Series; 3-0, Penguins

(4) Boston Bruins vs. (6) New York Rangers
Season Series; 2-1, Rangers

In The West

(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings
Season Series; 4-0, Blackhawks

(5) Los Angeles Kings vs. (6) San Jose Sharks
Season Series; 2-1-1, Kings

Going into this next round, there are a few teams that have a lot to be thankful for. Though the heavy favorite, the Penguins got away with lazy defensive play in the first round because Islanders’ goalie Evgeni Nabokov couldn’t stop a puck. The team didn’t have a backup that could replace him like the Penguins had for Marc-Andre Fleury, who was benched for the final two games of the series for Tomas Vokoun due to sub par play.

The Rangers can be thankful they have one of the best goalies in the NHL in Henrik Lundqvist, because otherwise there’s no way they would have made it past the high-power Capitals. However, if Rick Nash stays as invisible as he has, his lack of scoring may eventually be too much for Lundqvist’s great play to shield him from the criticism.

Different story in the Western Conference as the Blackhawks and Sharks have had a lot of days off having wrapped up their series’ in five and four games, respectively. Rust could play a factor. The Red Wings, fresh off a Game 7 victory, didn’t fare too well against the Blackhawks in the regular season and they look to buck that trend.

As for the Kings and Sharks, what needs to be said? It’s the Battle of California, nothing else needs to be said.

FULL 2013 NHL Semifinals Schedule



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