Tip Ins: Future Buyout For Hawks’ Hossa, Datsyuk Wants to Re-Sign, and New Blues Jerseys?

Posted: June 1, 2013 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa is 34 and has years left on his current contract. (Getty)

Chicago Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa is 34 years old and has 8 years remaining on his current contract. (Getty)

  • I’ll start by saying the Blackhawks have given no indication that they plan to buyout Marian Hossa. But Hossa has a 12-year, $63.3 million deal that runs through 2020-21. The cap hit for the final four seasons is $1 million. If he were to retire with two years remaining, the charge would be $9.187.5 million per season. But, if they use one of their two compliance buyouts, they’ll be free of this salary cap nightmare. You can thank the new CBA’s “cap recapture” clause for these headaches. (Puck Daddy)
  • Pavel Datsyuk has put Red Wings fans’ hearts at ease saying,”I would love to stay. It’s what I hope. I hope we agree, and I sign a new deal.” This ends months of speculation that he would return to Russia once his contract was up. Datsyuk said he still wants to end his career in Russia, eventually. (Detroit Free Press)
  • It must be that time of the year where every team decides to announce plans for a new jersey. First, it was the Dallas Stars(last year, actually) that voiced their intent on pursuing new jerseys. Then, the Carolina Hurricanes came out of nowhere with their announcement of new jersey. So, could the St. Louis Blues be next on the list for new threads? If so, they won’t be for next season. (Icethetics)

  • As you may have heard, John Tortorella was let go as the coach of the New York Rangers. It’s now being reported that Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky could be on a list of possible replacements. Messier was approached for the job back in 2002, but has no NHL coaching experience. Gretzky, well, he coached the Phoenix Coyotes to a 143-161-24 record from 2005 to 2009. Can’t dominate everything, I suppose. (USA Today)
  • Just how busted up is Penguins captain Sidney Crosby’s mouth/jaw? Let’s just say I hope he finds dentist chairs comfortable. The impact of the puck broke his jaw and affected roughly 10 of his teeth, some irreparably, as the force from the puck would have pushed them through some of the supporting bone structure of his jaw. There’s an infographic that shows the estimated damage. Cringe-worthy stuff. (The Globe and Mail)
  • If it were up to Rangers defenseman Marc Staal, every NHL player would be required to wear a visor starting next season. No grandfather rule, no option, visors would be mandatory. The NHLPA is currently polling its membership and will be taking the results to next week’s competition committee meeting. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has long been on record as saying he would like to see visors made mandatory. (Sportsnet)
  • Why hasn’t a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup in 20 years? Shortage of NHL teams in Canada? Economic structure? Bad luck? Sit back, because apparently there’s a very complex answer with lots of charts and graphs to help you along the way. (Five Thirty Eight)
  • According to a report, the Canadian Hockey League is contemplating a ban on European import goaltenders as part of a solution for the ongoing crease crisis facing Canada in international competitions. You know what they say. If you can’t beat’em, ban’em from the League. Or something along those lines. (In Goal Magazine)
  • Are you an NHL general manager? You rebuilding your team? Need a first overall pick? Maybe second overall pick? Would Top 10 interest you? Well, look no further because those are for sale this year! Last week, the Oilers said they’d be willing to part with their 7th overall pick. Then earlier this week, Colorado said they might deal their first overall pick. And now Florida is shopping their second overall pick. Gett’em while they’re hot! (NBC Sports)
  • We mentioned a month ago that former Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke was attempting to sue trolls of the internet because they lied about him having an affair with a TV sportscaster and fathered her child. Crazy, right? Well, a British Colombian court has granted Brian Burke the right to sue them. Burke can now send private messages to the 18 anonymous defendants through their online message boards advising them that they are being sued. I’m stunned… (The Star)
  • The Sochi 2014 Olympic Committee has unveiled the medals that will be awarded to the winners at the Winter Olympics next year. They sure look better than those melted things from Vancouver three years ago. Remember those? They looked like someone left them in the sun for too long. (Fourth-Place Medal)



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