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Who is the biggest villain in NHL history? (The Fourth Period)

Who is the biggest villain in NHL history? (The Fourth Period)

  • Who is the biggest villain in NHL history? Names like Matt Cooke, Todd Bertuzzi, Marty McSorley, Dale Hunter, Ulf Samuelsson, Sean Avery, Chris Pronger, and Raffi Torres come to mind, but there are many other candidates for a variety of reasons. Who would your pick be? (Last Word On Sports)
  • Even with the new rules, concussion numbers in the NHL haven’t decreased. “The rate of concussion did not decrease,” Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Cusimano said in an interview. “It in fact increased the first year and in the second year in the NHL it stayed stable.” He suggests banning fighting and altering equipment to help curb the trend. (CBC)
  • Does Ilya Kovalchuk going AWOL open the door to other Russian players fleeing North America? Capitals star Alex Ovechkin flirted with the idea during the lockout. But if Kovy leaving was the start of something big, both Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin and Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk didn’t get the memo as both have recently re-signed with their respective clubs. (The Score)

  • It was announced yesterday that the NHL is going to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The new schedule featuring the new realignment was also released. I still can’t believe the old “Atlantic Division” is now called the “Metropolitan Division”. In addition to that, they explained how the playoffs will work in regards to seeding. (Hockey City)
  • There’s a lot going on in the NHL next season. With the Winter Classic, the new Stadium Series, and the Heritage Classic, there will be no shortage of outdoor games. From training camps and preseason, to the Opening Faceoff, Thanksgiving games, and the Olympic Break, here are all the major dates to look for. (NHL)
  • With the release of next season’s schedule, many are already circling key games with some sort of storyline to go with it. For instance, Daniel Alfredsson’s return to Ottawa with the Red Wings, Zach Parise finally returning to New Jersey for the first time, as well as Vincent Lecavalier’s return to Tampa Bay as a member of the Flyers. There’s certainly a fair number of storylines to look at going into next season. (NBC Sports)
  • Advanced stats are a big deal to some people. A lot of people, actually. If you’re like me, you don’t care about Corsi or Fenwick numbers. But what if you just want to seem like you do? What if you’d rather know just enough to fake your way through a conversation about advanced stats, while doing as little actual thinking as possible? Well, here you go! (Grantland)
  • Keeping with the Ilya Kovalchuk situation, he is free to return to the NHL without any penalties or limitations… after he turns 35. According to an NHL bylaw, Ilya Kovalchuk will be removed from the “voluntary retired list” upon reaching his 35th birthday on April 15, 2018. If he wants to come back anytime before then, he’ll need the permission of all 30 owners. (Puck Daddy)
  • Unfortunately, Montreal Canadiens prospect Blake Geoffrion was forced to retire at the age of 25 due to injury saying,”After suffering an injury in November and taking time to recover and reflect, I have decided to step away from the game of hockey for the time being.” Blake Geoffrion suffered a depressed skull fracture on November 9, 2012 in an AHL game. (Montreal Canadiens)
  • There are 30 NHL teams. But only 26 have a starting goalie named. Four teams have a few possible starters, but who that #1 guy will be remains to be seen. New Jersey, Anaheim, Toronto, and Philadelphia have starting jobs that are up for grabs for their two goalies. The cream will rise, I suppose. (Sportsnet)
  • VIDEO: The Buffalo Sabres Fire Sale is still going on! Ryan Miller must gooooo! Keep the puck out of your net FOREVERRRRR!! This is a good one. (YouTube)



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