Tip Ins: Canada’s Olympic Jersey, Brian Burke to Calgary, and Sabres Third Jersey

Posted: September 6, 2013 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

This photo of Canada's Olympic jersey surfaced on the interwebz last night. Looks legit. (Tumblr)

This photo of Canada’s Olympic jersey surfaced on the interwebz last night. Looks legit. (Getty)

  • Hockey Canada has a leak on their hands. Last night, a picture of Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews in what looks to be an Olympic jersey, made it’s rounds across the interwebz. The photo was posted by Getty Images and quickly taken down. But this is the internet, once it’s there… Pretty much someone’s getting fired. Earlier today Hockey Canada announced they will release their jersey on October 8th. Yeah okay. (Icethetics)
  • Former Maple Leafs GM, and most recently, Ducks Scout Brian Burke has been named President of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames. The days leading up to the announcement were filled with speculation of the team hiring him. Most thought he’d become
    the general manager and he might as well be. With the new structure of hockey operations, general manager Jay Feaster will answer to Burke. (Calgary Flames)
  • The Buffalo Sabres. So yeah, they had Steve Ott “leak” their jersey to Twitter a few days ago, and by the looks of it, they also had him design it. These jerseys are hideous. And the thing I hate most is that they didn’t have to be. It’s like someone deliberately ruined these. Two or three minor tweaks and these look great. (Sabres Edge)

  • A picture made its way to the public recently and that has led to speculation that former NHL agitator Sean Avery is engaged to a guy. Big conclusion to jump to, right? Well, it played out on Twitter, and neither Avery nor his alleged fiancé dispelled the rumors, choosing to play along. That said, who cares. (NY Rangers Blog)
  • The KHL wants Alex Ovechkin. But Alex Ovechkin doesn’t want the KHL. He’s flattered though. With Ilya Kovalchuk abruptly jumping ship over the summer, many have wondered about the chances of other big name Russian players leaving as well. Ovechkin said, according to CSN Washington,“Yeah, I’m here and I’m gonna work for my contract. Not gonna worry about it. I’m here and I have a contract.” Rest easy, Capitals fans. (NBC Sports)
  • As you would expect, famous athletes sign a lot of autographs. Thing is, it’s not always paper. Here’s a list of things NHLers have admitted to signing for their fans: Jonathan Quick signed a grilled cheese sandwich, Rick Nash signed a shoe, Dan Boyle signed the inside of an Aston Martin, Jordan Staal and Corey Perry signed “body parts,” and Martin St. Louis signed a forehead. Hmmm, I wonder what body parts Staal and Perry signed. (Puck Daddy)
  • Here’s a fun one for you. Imagine the Colorado Renegades, the Minnesota Blue Ox, and the New Jersey Coastals. And how about the San Jose Screaming Squids? I can’t believe these(among many others) were almost the names for these NHL franchises. Still don’t know what a Wild is… (Greatest Hockey Legends)
  • Penguins star Sidney Crosby did an interview where he discussed concussions and player safety. In it, he said,”With concussions there is not generally a time frame or a span where you’re feeling better. You feel like you’re getting better and it can be one day and you’re back to where you started. It’s a hard one to understand unless you’ve gone through it.” He went on to pretty much say players know what they signed up for. On if he feared for his career, he said,”I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I thought about it.” (The Globe and Mail)
  • For whatever reason, no one believes Flyers star Claude Giroux’s story on how he injured his hand golfing. Giroux decided to try to clear that up. He said in his most recent interview,”I’ve never seen it before. Usually you see a club break where the shaft is. This time, it broke in the grip just under my hand. I still don’t understand how it happened.” Yep. That’s what happened. For realzies. (Philly)
  • NHL scouts have a tough job traveling all the time in effort to find the world’s best players. But some of these teams’ scouts completely whiffed on a few draft selections. Or non-selections, in this case. Someone has created two All-Undrafted Teams based on players that weren’t drafted and went on to have nice NHL careers. Here’s handful of names that jumped out to me; Martin St. Louis, Dan Girardi, Dan Boyle, Antti Niemi, Tyler Bozak, Pascal Dupuis, Rene Bourque, Zbynek Michalek, Josh Gorges, and Sergei Bobrovsky. Wow. (NHL Numbers)
  • VIDEO: The offseason is tough. Especially for players. I mean, what do you expect them to do for 3 months? Get chipmunks out of their own houses!?! Horrible segway, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Here’s Mike Fisher being bit as he successfully gets a chipmunk out of his bathroom. I don’t think he’s used to those battles in the corners. Unless he’s playing the Canucks and Alex Burrows is bearing down on him. Yep, I’ll see myself out. (Vine)



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