Tip Ins: Butt Goals, Thornton Appeal Denied and Banning the Draft Lottery?

Posted: December 28, 2013 by Lamar Lester in Tip Ins
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Tip Ins is a weekly update for all the news that happened in the NHL.

With the puck in his pants, Coyotes goalie Mike Smith unknowing puts the puck in his own net. (Fox Sports Arizona)

  • Well, this is awkward. A short while ago, Coyotes goalie Mike Smith was making headlines around the League for scoring a goal. I guess that’s the same story now difference being how and for whom he scored the goal. Guy takes a shot, Smith makes the save, puck pops up and drops into the pants of Smith. Well, the puck is in his pants, so the refs can’t see it. End of the play, right? Nope. Play continues and in effort to protect the goal line Smith literally goes into his net(with the puck in his pants) waiting for a shot that never came because the play was ended on his own-goal. Oof! (The Buffalo News)
  • Idiot Bruins forward Shawn Thornton appealed his 15-game suspension for mugging Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik which resulted in him being carried out on stretcher. Commissioner Gary Bettman ruled that because Thorton couldn’t keep his lie straight Bettman decided to uphold the suspension. Thornton now has the option to appeal this appeal to a neutral third-party. This is from the actual transcript of Bettman’s ruling and his reasoning for denying Thornton a lesser suspension: “At the hearing conducted by Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Thornton denied that he attempted to target Mr. Orpik, suggesting instead that he merely was looking for the “biggest” player in the scrum. That is not a credible explanation. Moreover, it is inconsistent with the testimony that Mr. Thornton provided at the December 20 hearing, where he acknowledged that he identified Mr. Orpik before he crossed the Pittsburgh blue line.” Idiot. No, that was right. Idiot. (NHL)
  • There seems to be a small push to ban the draft lottery in the NBA. Siting similar reasons(teams purposely tanking the season for a top prospect), should the NHL do the same? I say no. There’s the obviously positive that teams sucking on purpose wouldn’t be rewarded with a good players. But the negative is that teams that actually suck could lose out. As it stands, not even the worst team in the League isn’t guaranteed the #1 overall pick. This idea being floated around would make EVERY draft selection predetermined for the next 30 years. (Puck Daddy)

  • Many fans worry that the NHL is slowly but steadily legislating physicality out of the game, and this year delivered plenty of fuel for debate about player safety in the form of  big, thundering checks that sent players end-over-end, tumbling into benches, and, on rare occasions, through the glass. After sorting through nine-plus months of game highlights, we present  the 13 most bone-rattling hits of 2013. (Sports Illustrated)
  • We may have finally got an answer for the mystery dent in the Stanley Cup. After the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup against the Buffalo Sabres in 1999, there was a very large and noticeable dent located in the base.While those theories are definitely plausible, they don’t seem to add up upon hearing the third and most likely theory. After returning from Buffalo, a party was thrown at the house of Stars’ defenseman Craig Ludwig and Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul to celebrate the big win. Vinnie Paul himself has said that the Cup was tossed from his balcony, stating, “It really got dented when Guy Carbonneau threw it off my balcony into my pool.” Craig Ludwig has also come out and said that Carbonneau was the one that threw the Cup, which would make sense, considering he also tossed it into Patrick Roy’s pool after his 1993 Stanley Cup win with the Montreal Canadiens. (Hooked On Hockey)
  • There’s always negativity in the NHL, whether it’s the constant disciplinary hearings and suspensions, injuries or certain star players struggling. But why focus on the negative when you can look at the positive? And there’s no doubt this season there have been many pleasant surprises that fans have enjoyed watching. Topping the list has to be the play of Josh Harding and the Colorado Avalanche. (Sportsnet)
  • The NHL has had a ton of great ideas in the last half-decade or so. The establishment of the Winter Classic as one of the sports calendar’s marquee events, massive television deals with NBC and Rogers, and the overall improvement of the league’s access to players through outlets like NHL.com and HBO’s 24/7. All that said, the league still has one big fat weak spot within its media empire… the NHL Network. Every year, hockey fans have complained about the network’s weak aesthetic look, lack of substantial analysis, poor coverage of huge news stories (i.e. the entire NHL lockout) and overall dearth of original ideas. (Awful Announcing)
  • Simply put, here are Roberto Luongo “Strombone1″‘s 26 best tweets of 2013. As you would expect, there are a couple doozies in there. Including a tweet to teammate Ryan Kesler that read,”sorry about your penis…….” Yep. That’ll do it.  (Pass It To Bulis)
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins are going through their yearly injury stretch were every good play gets injured and then the calls to replace the injured guys also get injured. So far this season there’s been one consistent for the Penguins, the top line of Chris Kunitz, Sidney Crosby, and Pascal Dupuis. Well, you can scratch Dupuis’ name off because now he’s out and “likely” done for the season due to a ACL surgery. Ugh. (Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • The Ottawa Senators’ appearance in an outdoor game this spring at B.C. Place won’t be their last. NHL chief operating officer John Collins, the man who has helped spearhead the success of the stadium games, confirmed Monday the Senators will get an outdoor game in Ottawa. The Heritage Classic is coming to the national capital, likely in 2017 at the newly-built Lansdowne Live against the Montreal Canadiens. That year is Canada’s 150th birthday, the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup, the 100th anniversary of the NHL and the Senators 25th year in the league. Good for them. (Ottawa Sun)
  • VIDEO: Frederick Piuze-Roy(son of Patrick Roy) goes apesh*t in the locker room after a call has him kicked out of a Spengler Cup game. Yelling, equipment throwing, the whole nine. Apparently Roy was kicked out of the game for trying to fight an opponent as time expired. Very passionate family those Roys. (YouTube)



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